Willans launches Fire Extinguisher Systems


For immediate release - 03/11/2009

WILLANS® range of fire extinguishers launched

Willans, the leading manufacturer of motorsport safety harnesses who supplied BrawnGP with harnesses to win the Formula 1 World Championship this year, has launched a range of FIA and MSA approved fire extinguisher systems, it has been announced today.

The range of systems comprises electrically and mechanically activated FIA Approved and MSA Approved systems for most motorsport applications. The company has spent nearly two years developing the systems which use the company's newly formulated FoamexTM blend of alcohol resistant AFFF foam which is non-ozone depleting, non-toxic and non-corrosive. The systems, which can be used in all forms of motorsport, feature several innovative ideas not currently used in AFFF systems:

Willans' Advanced Compression Discharge System (ACDS) maintains the pressure of the system during discharge promoting better atomisation and better foam creation meaning that smaller diameter tubes and fewer nozzles can be used to plumb the systems around the vehicle.

Willans' FXTTM tubing is a solid wall aluminium tube protected with a thin plastic coating, which is resistant to high temperature, unlike the wrapped foil tube that is prevalent in the market, and structurally strong to prevent accidental crushing in the car but it does not scratch other items it contacts.

Willans' electrically operated systems feature a unique microprocessor based firing box, for which Patents have been applied, which indicates to the driver whilst seated in the car when the system is armed and also indicates when the system requires servicing.

Simon Perkins, Managing Director, is enthusiastic about the new products "We are very proud of our new range of products which are a step forward in AFFF fire extinguisher system design. The innovative new features are indicative of the brand philosophy to always produce the best products possible. These products are the first product extension under the Willans brand and we are sure there will be more exciting new products to come in the future."

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